Tuesday, May 5, 2015

My Everyday Look Makeup

Okay people, so in my last post, I said that I would make a tutorial on my everyday look makeup. Firstly, I promised to post a picture of my look :

So, there you go.
That is one of my bestfriends. You could go check her out in her instagram @HeyFariesya. I put my makeup look on her to show you guys that this makeup look can go on anyone's face. For fair skin, medium skin or even dark skin. I'll make a video on this look if any of you people want me to :). I'll make it as soon as possible. As you all can see, its not a very deep makeup. Its normal and light kinda makeup. Like I said, it only uses brownish type of eye shadow, a lil bit of contour and blush, do a bit for your eye-brow and done! It is also suitable for a 16 year old girl. My brother's girlfriend loves makeup but the only barricade for her is she's 16 years old and she's afraid that people will say that she's too young for makeup. Well the truth is, nowadays most of 13 year old wears makeup. Not only in Asia but also teens all over the world. Seriously, don't stop yourself from doing what you like. The only thing is, just be confident with it and if your parents don't have any problems with it, just keep on going with what you like. Don't think about what people may talk about you. Just do it. If it's something bad, the DON'T DO IT. Haha. 

If at all you want to private message me, my Instagram is @noreenadia. I would love to help you :).

So comment on down below, and tell me what you think about this look :). I'll be happy to make a tutorial. 

Much love, Tidya.


  1. Wow ! I'm impressed ����

  2. Hi tidya, can you recommend about hair products for dry hair? I really need to know.

    1. sure, I'll do it asap. tq for recommending me to do abt hair products :)