Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Makeup Is Life

Well to start off with this topic, I have been in love with make up since i was 12 years old which was six years ago. I wanted to wear make up so badly but my parents won't let me to. They said i was too young and i have to grow up slowly and not drastically. So, I didn't get to wear them till I turned 14. When i was fourteen, I started to use BB Creams from Etude House, Maybelline Compact Powder, and Eyeliners (various types of brands). That's all. No brows game, no lipstick, no blush, no eye shadows or even contouring. All of that stuffs, I started it when i was 17 years old. Which was last 2 years. I learned makeup through my beautiful mom, and by watching youtube videos. My first ever video that i watched was one of Jaclyn Hill's video. She has the most amazing makeup tutorial. I swear to god. I love watching her videos because its fun to watch her and can easily understand what she's doing to her face. Then I started to watch others' videos. Such as, makeupbymandy24, Kathleen Lights, fromheadtotoe, michelle phan...etc. After watching tons of videos, I realised that I love natural kind of makeups for my eyes and even for my face. I like to use a bit of blusher and I totally love to contour my face. For my eyes, I love to use brownish types of eye shadow colour and kinda like to do smokey eyes instead of colourful bright eyes and for the eyeliner part, I love to do "cat eyes" pattern. It looks so good on anybody! For my brows part, I just like to add a bit or colour to it cause when i do shapes, it appears ugly on my face. That's how i look at myself. My friends said it looks fine, but I'm just not comfortable with it and I only use/wear something on my face which I'm comfortable and confident enough to show it off. So, a year has passed and this year, I'll be officially 18 in another 6 days. Yay me! Haha. Okay back to the topic. It has been more than a year since I have been using makeup. I thank to Allah that almost all of my friends and family tell me that they admire my makeup skills and they would love to see me doing a tutorial on my " everyday makeup look ". I think one day I'd do  it but I'm just not ready yet. Hopefully I'll post it on this blog and on my instagram/ youtube so that you guys could go see it. I'm not a makeup artist but I've been to makeup classes before so I guess I could share my skills to people who are in need of it. Before I end this, I would like to say, girls, you are pretty no matter what, If you are shy to use makeup because your friends (especially boys) say that you are fake? Well, ignore them because this is the reality. People will just say anything they want and they like. So you just have to keep loving yourself and do what you do best. If your parents don't mind with what you're doing, then you're doing just fine. I wish you girls the best of luck with your life and makeups. I also will post my everyday makeup look picture on my next blog post. Thank you for wasting your 7 minutes to read my blog. 

Much love, Tidya. 

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