Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Don't Chase Guys

So ladies, this is a completely different genre from my other posts. I'm making this post because my friend asked me to write what I want to let out from my heart. I've been going through some rough patch in my life last year. I fell in love with a "jerk". I was blind. People's advice went through my ears from left to right. Nothing came into my brains. I did what my heart wants, not what my brains told me. Girls, never ever chase guys. It's not wrong, but when you over-doing it, you're making yourself look desperate and useless. The more you want them, the more they push you away.
You might think that he's the best for you, but if he is, you wouldn't be trying so hard to make it happen. The magic will happen itself. Stop forcing yourself and him to make it happen. Love is all about trust, understanding and efforts from both parties, not only on one side.

If he only thinks about himself, dump him. He's being selfish. Where's the justice? Where's our rights? When you argue with your loved ones, and you often not get to speak out what you think, let him be. Love needs patience. Don't force or wanting to settle it immediately. It takes time. It'll hurt, but it'll soon be okay. Never underestimate what God and time can do in your life. If you're still studying, make that your priority. Fuck love if its hurting you. Never forget who you are and why re you living in this world. Its not all about love and boyfriends. Parents, carriers, family and many more things in your life are much more important if you're still a teenager or in your early twentys.

The thing is, different guys has different attitude. Some of them will never let you sleep in sadness, some of them let you be that way for days, weeks, months. Who cares? If he has the heart to do that to you, you should have the heart to do it too. Show him that you're strong. It hurts you more because you're in love with him but you have to do it for your own sake. Stop putting other people's feelings first before yours. It's not like you're leaving him or something, but you need time for yourself to clarify what's going on with the relationship, either its your fault or his.

If it's your fault, say sorry. Not many times but a long text would do. Show him you care and that you'll change for the better and actually mean it! Don't push him too hard. Give him space. Don't expect anything. Think for the worst so that if he reacts nicely, it'll make your heart melt. But if he acts harshly, remain calm. Don't reply until he's okay.

Take time.

Don't overthink.

Trust him.

Keep yourself busy.

Spend time with your loved ones.

Set your priorities straight.

Think what you did wrong and change if you need to.

You can find him if he doesn't look for you. But only a little bit. It's not your job to chase him. However you look at it, if a girls chase for a guy, the guy will eventually push her away. Just be patience. Give him time. If he's the one, he'll be there. If no, the babygurl, dump him. You deserve better. 

Just think that you're borrowing someone's partner. Let him go, your other half awaits you. Love life. Don't waste your time. 

Love, Tidya xoxo

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Dry Hair Care Products

Okay, so I've been asked to do a review on dry hair products. When it comes to dry hair, I totally hate it because I have dry hair. There was one time ago when I had the best hair in my family. Smooth, dark, healthy, etc.. But when I started to colour my hair, it looks dry and TOTALLY NOT EASY TO BRUSH MY HAIR. I coloured three times and that was a TERRIBLE mistake. I repeat, TERRIBLE!
So then I started to use Pantene Anti-Dandruff shampoo + conditioner. It worked on me but it lasted for a few months. Less than 2 months maybe? Well, before my hair was dry, I used that shampoo and it totally works on me. But I realized that I had to change my shampoo + conditioner IMMEDIATELY

To cut the story short, I begin to buy TreSemme brand because I LOVE to watch Asia's Next Top Model and it so happens that they are under TreSemme. So, I bought TreSemme's shampoo and conditioner. 

Picture :

So, I used this. TreSemme Luxurious Moisture (for dry hair or dull hair). It is moisture rich. It quenches dehydrated hair's thirst with a nourishing formula containing vitamin E, sunflower, hazelnut and almond extract. This is especially for those who over-processed hair or those who frequently use heat styling tools (hair dryer, curling tools, etc...). Gently enough for daily use as it won't dry our hair out but will add much needed moisture for the healthy looking, soft hair you crave!

Directions to use :

1) Coat hair with liberal amount of shampoo. (refers to the length of your hair)
2) Massage scalp and roots gently
3) Squeeze the shampoo from roots to end without scrubbing or roughing up to keep hair from          tangling.
4) Rinse throughly.
5) Finish it up with the conditioner.

That's it! 

Review : I tried it the first time and I thought its reaction was gonna be like other shampoos, but NO! My hair was soft and seldom get tangling hair! Easy to comb/brush my hair and it's not rough to tie my hair up! Seriously, I was shocked and I started using TreSemme since then! No wonder it is used by the Professionals. 

It works on dry hair, dull hair, coloured hair and also anti-oil hair. It smooth-ens your hair.

Price range in Malaysia :
RM15.00 - RM30.00 (depends if you get discounts)

*You can get it in Guardian

I hope you guys would try it and please comment on down below if it works.
I would love to know the results! :)

I hope it'll work on you guys.

Love, Tidya.